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idk how to describe 2013
Sunday, November 10, 2013 @ 10:41 PM | 0 yeolli(s)

\Assalammualaikum/ Lama tak blogging. Last post was in June so it's been FIVE FREAKING MONTHS. Uh sorry hahahaha bukannya orang tengok pun takpelah kan. Actually terlupa password lepas tu malas nak betulkan plus takde apa pun nak ditulis.

But I do have now. Let's start with 2012. Okey aku homesick gilerzZzZ and it's hard to adapt to new surrounding sebab tulah. Homesick teruk gila I don't wanna talk about it. With friends issues and stuffs I'm like "HURRY UP FIVE YEARS IM NOT GONNA BE HERE ANYMORE" dan aku buat HUGE MISTAKE(S) so many that I'm like "2012 was the worst year of my life". Kemudian, cuti sem dua, aku berazam taknak 2013 jadi macam 2012. Click this button untuk tengok my azam list.

So 2013 belum officially end but yeah..... I've been through ups and downs in a year and I glad I could survive lol that was hiperbola. So take note from me to you and for myself that you should not bottle up your feelings over every kind of reasons (mine was  a good one though but still). YOU COULD GO CRAZY LITERALLY AND trust me you don't wanna be a Tanjung Rambutan patient, are u?
Yeah I've bottle up my feelings. It's good at first but if you can't control it... hello Tanjung Rambutan.

I love how I don't mess things up this year (i guess) like 2012. And on the list, I don't accomplish some but most of all I';m proud of it. I'm not sure if I'm gonna miss 2013 I think I will. And I gotta feeling 2014 is not for me Idk why I hope not. So this hols I try to jog on the evening because.... just because.

Idk what to say so bye x

2013 symbolize how close we are, friends :)